Notebook Computer – Why Are They So Much Better?

November 20th, 2013

The use of computers is in high demand nowadays, what with the surge of technology and the popularity of anything related to the internet and computers. Almost anyone you ask probably has a computer at home; however, with the trend moving towards portability and mobility, the demand for another type of computer has also increased over the recent years – the notebook computer.

Laptop computers, also known as laptops, notebook computers, or notebooks, are small, compact, mobile computers that weigh between two to eighteen pounds depending on the size, the materials used in fabrication, and other factors. Laptops run on a single battery or from an externally connected adapter. Most notebook battery packs may be used for a few hours before having to recharge. The external AC/DC adapter may be used to charge the battery whilst providing power to the laptop itself.

Notebook computers are an extremely lightweight personal computer. This type of computers generally weighs in below six pounds and is built to be small enough to fit easily in a standard sized briefcase. Apart from the size, weight, and portability, another major difference between the personal computer and notebook computer is the display. All notebook computers use a wide array of technologies and techniques to produce display screens that are not bulky and very lightweight.

These mobile computers come with a built in keyboard and a touchpad, also known as a trackpad, for input. An external keyboard or mouse may also be used in place of the built in components. Notebook computers normally have a liquid crystal display and use a different memory module from that of a desktop computer. The quality of the screens varies from notebook to notebook. Most display screens for notebook computers have a VGA resolution.

As a type of personal computer, notebook computers or laptops are designed to be capable of performing the same tasks as those of a typical desktop computer. Notebook computers have the same components that are found in desktop computers; however, these components are smaller and optimized for mobility and efficient use of power.

As for computing power, notebook computers may be able to produce the same power as those of desktop computers and may have the same CPU, memory capacity, and hard disk space; however, getting a notebook computer with very powerful specifications may cost a lot. Generally, notebook computers are less powerful than desktop computers of the same price.

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John Stevens
Expert Computer Analyst

The Advantages of Custom Building Your Own Computer

November 19th, 2013

Many people, including myself, choose to custom build our own computers from scratch, part by part. Although it is very fun to build your own computer, this isn’t the only reason that we choose to build it ourselves. There are many advantages to building your own computer.

1. Low Cost

Isn’t money the number one motivation to do anything? When I say building it yourself is low cost, I really mean it. You aren’t going to save just a little bit either. I am talking about savings of up to $800 when you build it yourself. That’s right! The brand name pre-built computers are way overpriced. They are making a killing off of you. The only thing that is worse than the brand name pre-built computers are those online custom computer configuration shops. I am talking about those guys that let you choose your own parts, assemble it for you, and then ship it to you. Those guys rip you off big time!

3. You Will Learn so Much

When you first build a computer, you gain a lot of knowledge. You will learn about all kinds of things that you never would have stopped to think about. Maybe you will learn that you are more into technology than you first thought. All of the best jobs are in IT. Who knows? Maybe after you build your first computer you’ll be ready to change careers!

4. You Know Exactly What is Under the Hood

Besides low costs, this is the second biggest reason why I choose to custom build all of my computers. Big computer retailers throw in all kinds of low-quality parts into your system. Many of the parts don’t even have a brand name. When somebody asks you what kind of video card is in your computer you won’t even know because the computer vendor doesn’t have to tell you! They do it on a daily basis. Go to any website that sells computers and try to find out what brand of parts are used inside of the computer. I guarantee you won’t find the names of the parts anywhere! Even those online custom computer configuration guys do it. They put generic, no-name parts into your computer, then charged you an extra $800 for nothing! That money goes straight into their pockets. If you decided to custom build your own computer you could have put that money into a faster processor, a better graphics card, more memory. You could have used that $800 to build an entire gaming rig! Build your own computer with all custom ordered parts and you will know exactly what brand and model of parts are being used in your computer. Besides that, you know the parts are high quality.

5. Most Parts Come With a 1-Year Warranty

That’s right! You know how most brand name computer warranties are void even if you just open up the case or touch any of the parts? Well not with a custom built computer. Each part that you order will come with it’s own warranty. That means you get a separate warranty for the case, the processor, the memory, the hard drive, etc. If one part goes bad you can just send it back for a new one. It’s really hard to void these warranties also. As long as you don’t pour a bottle of Coca-Cola all over your computer, the warranty should be fine.

As you can see, the advantages of custom building your own computer seriously outweigh those of buying a pre-built computer. Building your own computer really isn’t as hard as you’d think either. You probably know somebody who could help you build your first one. And even if you don’t, a lot of instructions come with the parts that you buy. The first time I built a computer alone, it took me a little over an hour to do it. Now I can build one in maybe 30 minutes to an hour. The time it takes is nothing when you think of the fact that you are saving hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself!

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How Get Computer Help

November 2nd, 2013

Well there’s no denying it – No matter how new or how well maintained our computers are, we have a tendency to all encounter laptop issues in the end. The smart news is that we do not should face them alone. There are a lot of resources on the market to walk us through laptop problems but it could take a very little information in knowing a way to access them. This article can show you how.

1 Remember help files. It’s funny, but folks seem to forget that each computer and every program put in on a pc comes with its own help file. Even the operating system of a computer encompasses a help file and it extremely ought to be the first place to look for answers. Facilitate files are designed not solely to guide the usage of a computer, they are additionally designed to unravel issues. Within a help file, search for a bit referred to as, “Troubleshooting” (or one thing similar) when you wish to resolve a difficulty. This section is reserved for solving issues specific to the software or hardware that you’re using.

2. Product websites. If you’re having a drawback with a piece of software or with a hardware part, strive the web site of that software’s or hardware’s manufacturer. Most (if not all) manufacturer’s reserve a little of cyberspace and dedicate it to support the products that they build. Microsoft’s help desk is sweet example.

3. Fan sites. Fan sites probably isn’t a sensible name for this resource, however you’ll notice websites that are dedicated toward supporting the users of a explicit software program or piece of hardware. We have a tendency to’ve known as them “fan sites” as a result of the maintainers of these sites don’t have any affiliation with the makers that they support! Call them what you’ll, however their free help is immeasurable and while not it, we have a tendency to would not have some of the wonderful workarounds and unique problem solving techniques that we have these days.

4. Usenet newsgroups. Another underused resource on the Internet, Usenet newsgroups have hundreds of discussion teams dedicated to some of the most popular pc systems, operating systems, hardware manufacturers, and individual software programs. Sometimes, the representatives of these companies participate, however normally, the support during this group is user to user, that is simply as valid because you are
working with a team of experienced folks.

5. Support Lines. Another source for help that we should not forget are the support systems of various makers. You’ll reach these systems by calling the phone variety related to the merchandise that you are having trouble with. Calls may be free (one-800 or 1-877 variety), or they’ll price a little fee (one-900).

6. PC support teams or user teams are another choice for help. These are groups that meet in libraries, laptop stores, or alternative local areas and they discuss all sorts of issues related with a particular product. Even if you aren’t experiencing a laptop or software downside, user teams are fun to participate in and they will help you network into different interests such as job or teaching opportunities.

7. Surprisingly, you may even get a helping hand from the salespersons at your native pc store. We don’t advocate that you create this your 1st pit stop when you experience a downside, however we don’t advocate that you rule this option out altogether either. Laptop salespersons are hired for a reason – and that is their information. Often, these kind folks will help you resolve an issue over the phone and forestall you kind having to shop for a costly resolution.

As you can see, help is straightforward to seek out – You’ve simply got to know where to look for it. Most of the contacts within these resources are extraordinarily friendly and willing to require the time to run you through a drawback at very little to no price. From on-line discussion groups to the files on your own laptop, help is often just a click away.

A One Stop Solution for All Microsoft Support Searches

November 2nd, 2013

Microsoft Corporation has been serving throughout the world since 1975, well better say in the mid of 1975 i.e. April 4th, 1975. Microsoft’s famous punch line says “Your Potential, Our Passion”. And Bill Gates & his entire team at Microsoft have really worked well while satisfying the concept behind the brand punch line. Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of computing products and services.
Microsoft products are simplifying lives with their user friendly behavior. Starting with its initial subsidiary Operating system; MS-DOS in the middle of 1980′s, Microsoft has given a line of Operating Systems that touched normal lives in a deep manner. Although MS-DOS was not that popular and adopted but the followed-up versions of Microsoft Windows line of operating system is still so popular that a major part of users is adopting it in a huge manner.
Just being used by millions of users doesn’t resolve things so simply. Like every other product, users availing the services from Microsoft Products have to face particular issues over time; for instance the license renewal process, upgrades etc. Users new to the line of Microsoft products bare a heck with installations as well.
For such users Sunrise Pc Support is providing round the clock support services. We have a team of Microsoft trained and certified technicians that resolve all Microsoft products issues in minutes. Our support services include help with installation, activation & troubleshooting for Microsoft applications.
Sunrise Pc Support’s scope of services include as follows:-

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Our certified tech experts assure highest problem resolution rate in lowest expected wait-time. Our technicians are trained enough to optimize users system in the best-possible way to provide maximum outputs of that. We resolve any of those compatibility issues between desired applications and the Operating System. We enhance our services every time and help the user understand the scenario behind problem raised. This in turn helps user tackling similar issues in future (if faced).
Benefits of availing our Online Technical Support Services:-

We believe in Comprehensive support services

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Pc Repair London

November 2nd, 2013

Are you experiencing PC problems? Are your frustrations as a result of hard disk failure, virus or spyware, keyboard failure, operating systems failure, mother board failure, data destruction or simply every now and then your screen just dies the blue death and your progress dies? Everything has become so digital and if you are still dreaming of having your face on the magazine or else on the global map of success, then you need to seriously consider having hands of experience and a combination of knowledge operating on your PC.If your response to all the above questions is a yes, then you have one extra yes which might be a bit contradictory in that it will not be a response to a particular PC problem that you are having but rather the moment you say the yes you will have established a solution for your PC problems. Are a London resident?

If you are residing in London currently then begin to dream big. Start visualizing subscribing to money making systems like digital publishing blueprint. Begin to dream big because for as long as your dream is linked to your PC, it will come to pass sooner than the PC problem nightmare could allow you to visualize or barely imagine. London is one place which has it all when it comes to computer wizards who can stake their life on the fact that for as long as your PC has a problem, once they lay their skilled hands on it, it will surely work and you will never have a repeat of the same problem.

PC engineers in London are not just available in number but also they are also renowned for their magical touch on the computers. These engineers have had years of experience dealing with the computer and they have come across every PC problem that can occur during any computer operations and they have durable means of solving such computer puzzles that can prevent you from continuing with your daily activities as you had initially planned. These computer entomologists are people that once you hire them you are sure that all the hardware and software problems will all be solved once and you won’t have to strain any more.

You can never be so sure about something like you need to be sure about Pc repair London, it’s simply the best incorporated to produce the best and the outcome is definitely the best there is. You want the best and all you need to do is simply take your PC to one of these engineers and you will have made a lifetime investment.

Cost is not an issue. The PC engineers have cheap charges for their services to ensure that no one fails to keep the pace with the growing technology simply because they tried so hard and acquired a PC but it got some problems and they could hardly afford the repair charges. Repairs charges is the last thing you need to think of because once your computer has been repaired,you will realize that the amount you have in your pocket is enough to pay for those problems that you could hardly fix using the simple trouble shooting procedure and what you needed is a professional who knows exactly what they have to